All is Full of Life

Styx förlag is proud to present the inaugural show of our new series of Virtual Exhibitions, Aquarium. With this first show, “All is Full of Life” by Tuva Widén, we aim to set a new standard for a radical analysis of reality and create a new open space for the fragile exploration of geonomic development.

All is Full of Life | Tuva Widén


Medium: Wax, copper, bronze, wood and textiles.

Our relationship with our surroundings should be always a relationship between living, sentient subjects. Yet, we often treat ourselves, our fellow humans and the living planet as instruments for external ends. We talk about the living forests, the mountains and the free flowing waters as non-sentient resources to be used for economic growth. We treat each other as instruments for individual prosperity. And we also exploit our own feelings and experiences to show them off to others so as to give the false impression of happiness and success in an endless and empty competition. The items you see investigate the underlying illusion of control. They explore the conditions of subjectivity. I have tried not to interfere too much. But open up, instead, for the other end of the spectrum.

Artist Info
Instagram: tuva_widen