Angel Modulations



CD, edition: 500

electronic, non-music, spokenword, experimental

PTR1001 - CD
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1. Angel Modulations 3:13
2. Angel Modulations 9:30
3. Angel Modulations 2:36
4. Angel Modulations 8:27
5. Angel Modulations 6:39
6. Angel Modulations 6:01
7. Angel Modulations 22:25

Vocals: Leif Elggren

The recordings on this CD are from a session in Swedenborg’s summerhouse, Skansen, Stockholm on the 27th of July 2007 where I was using my voice as a carrier of his voice. The results presented here were captured after several days of attempts to get in contact, to bridge the gap between this world and the other, this existence and the other or whatever we can call it. This is just a first simple experiment trying to follow Swedenborg’s own way of establishing a contact or a communication. And please remember, what is interesting here is what is happening between the words, what is happening under or over, over or under – the voice as an irregular sound generator. LEIF ELGGREN

Earlier versions of some of these tracks were published by Antifrost Voice Tapes Series vol.2 spring 2011. Cover image from the account by J. Vilh. Hultkrantz: The Mortal Remains of Emanuel Swedenborg, presented and published May 6th, 1910. Emanuel Swedenborg is published by Field Music [MCPS] London. PTR1001 produced by Gallery Niklas Belenius, 2011.