Releasefest för BOOK OF LOST

imageReleasefest för BOOK OF LOST
[26 jan]

Releasefest för J. Liens ”BOOK OF LOST” i Pet Sounds bars källare, den 26e Januari.

About the Book (by Nicklas Kappelin Kmarb): Judas’ debut novel broken down. I count it as a privilege to be able to furnish these notes for the first book by Judas. Who then is Judas? Well, to stay within the obvious, he’s a writer. But this isn’t as simple-minded as it sounds. When this dude writes he takes off into an area where most writers are lost, that is being bound by the libido to the east, the stream of consciousness to the west, the river of Lethe to the south and to the north by the great unknowable. [Klicka för att läsa mer]