Autistisk Kilskrift at Färgfabriken – Exhibition, vernissage and performance night

akatffAutistisk Kilskrift at Färgfabriken – Exhibition, vernissage and performance night
[17 Feb, 2007]

The exhibition starts at 12 o’clock on the 17th of February 2007. The same evening between 6pm and 1am a cut-up performance act and vernissage claims its space. The bar and lobby will be open.

When Autistisk Kilskrift hits färgfabriken – it’s not without ado. The poetic laguage from the book has litterary climed up the walls to enter into new, strage, never before seen, constalations and symbioses with that which once must have been the cealing.

The exhibition, giving room for the mutual trespassing of text, matter and form, is no longer bond to the closures of a sweeping thought – here, it cuts. Well marked areas of distinct flavors opens up against each
other as differences and multitudes. There are no affiliations with any fundamental imaginary faculty – just pure and simple openness.

Here we find new proportionless works from contemporary artists like Timothy Crisp, Jakob Anckarsvärd, Leif Elggren, C.M.Lundberg, John Andersson, Cristian Andersson, Jenny Killgren Medici, Taro-the_filthy_Rat, Christian Cavallin, En halv kokt i folie, Johannes Flink, Mattias Forshage, Ulrika Gomm, Edvard Graham Lewis, Johanna Gustafsson Furst, Sten Hanson, Giuliano Killgren Medici, Emma Lundemark, Måns Mullner, Nanok, Niklas Nenzen, Katarina Norling, Eva Kristina Olsson, Patrik Qvist, Sebastian Saar, Iris Smeds, Stina Stigell, Kristoffer Zetterstrand, Nina Wähä, Thomas Öberg, Fredrik Askergren, Janne Ekman, Marja-Leena Sillnpää, Iwo Myrin, Olof Pettersson.