Drawings of MILAN KUNC, 1970-2012


2013, 210x297mm, mjukband,
72 sid. engelsk text,
64 helsidesreproduktioner i fullfärg,
ISBN 978-91-85747-37-5,
upplaga: 200 numrerade ex.


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This is a book of drawings by Milan Kunc spanning from 1970–2012. During these decades Milan followed different kinds of paths, living in 5 different countries and in different cultural circles. He lived in New York at the time of East Village which was in the 80’s, and was part of that creative and cosmopolitic period full of international energies and an eclectic way to do art. After that he lived in Rome where he studied classicistic romance in museums, getting totally poisoned by the glorious past. In Holland he made drawings in Delft porcelain blue. Wherever he was he followed a playful line, reacting with his artistic talent (which every artist has in a certain way) to the messages from the art scene or surroundings, in a kind of exchange of language – drawing language. And as you can see the subjects are varied, some of them are very naive looking, having a childish energy, some of them are more sophisticated. Most of them are more or less easy-going, showing the different priorities of draftsman circumstances, some expressing the roughness and freshness of the 80’s, some are much like caricatures and some of them are like funny funky drawings. They are all done in A4 size, and they are not put in chronological order.

Tryckt i samarbete med arkitektvägen 44.

Del 3 i serien À surreal atopos.